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Acquisition Due Diligence
MCR has modeled literally hundreds of proposed assisted housing acquisitions on behalf of leading multifamily portfolios. Our customized acquisition analysis reports consider all Federal, State, and Local use restrictions, HUD Handbook and Notice Changes, as well as Section 8, FHA, Flexible Subsidy and Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) guidelines in recommending the optimum supportable offering price and financing structure for each proposed transaction.

Expiring Use Prepayment Restructuring and Section 8 Enhanced Voucher Processing
MCR Senior Staff have extensive experience in the negotiation, structuring, financing and processing of Preservation transactions for either market rate conversions or restructuring for future affordability. In this capacity, MCR serves as transactional representative for owners of Expiring Use Section 236 and Section 221(d)(3) transactions and negotiates on behalf of owners with HUD, State, and Local government officials. In addition, MCR assures the timely generation and issuance of all required tenant and public notifications, recommends and underwrites replacement mortgage financing, and processes all applications for Transfers of Physical Assets (TPAs), Section 8 Enhanced Vouchers, and/or Section 8 contract renewals, modifications, or contract assignments to full approval. In this way, MCR can insure the smoothest possible path to closing while meeting the client's stated financial goals.

Multifamily FHA and Conduit Loan Origination and Processing
Our office has experience in all of HUD's Multifamily New Construction and Existing Property FHA Loan Programs (221d4 and 223f) as well as with standard market-rate conduit loan products. Let our multifamily specialists assist you in identifying the right mortgage program for your assisted housing property.

Troubled Project Workout Planning
MCR's expertise in restructuring projects categorized as "troubled" by HUD has proven to be the deciding factor in resolving often difficult regulatory difficulties before they become cause for the implementation of formal sanctions by Federal or State agency offices. MCR can effectively guide owners and managers in the preparation of responses to adverse REAC inspections and alleged financial or regulatory non-compliance notices.

In many such cases, MCR's workout plans aim to recapitalize properties to fund repairs while restructuring debt, equity and rental subsidies in force in order to preserve asset value for owners. Once approved by HUD, MCR provides follow-up support during the implementation stage of each such plan, representing owners at progress meetings with HUD and HFAs as needed.

Housing Finance Agency (HFA) Application Processing:
MCR provides complete "turnkey" underwriting and processing of LIHTC
Tax-Exempt Bond, FHA Risk Sharing and Market Rate Housing Finance Agency loan and tax credit programs. Our processing services also include all tasks associated with proposed changes in subsidy mix or source, tenant income-profiling and representation of owners at tenant and community group meetings.

Strategic Portfolio Analysis
In many cases, operators of affordable housing have not yet determined the optimum future disposition of assisted properties within their multifamily portfolios. Our office conducts portfolio-wide evaluations of properties for strategic planning purposes, considering all current and possible future use restrictions, subsidy sources, and updated regulatory and handbook guidance in determining an appropriate strategy to reach the owner's long-term financial goals.

Transfer of Physical Assets, Project-Based Voucher, and Enhanced Voucher (EV) Processing and Support Services
With ever-changing HUD programs, the staff of MCR pride themselves on providing up to the minute technical support for a wide scope of technical services. These include the compilation of Transfers of Physical Asset applications (TPAs), the provision of turnkey processing and implementation services for new Section 8 Enhanced Vouchers (EVs), Project-Based Vouchers (PBVs) and a wide variety of other processing tasks requiring skilled HUD practitioners.

Rent Increase Processing Using HUD's Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide
With six different procedures detailed within the Section 8 Renewal Policy Guide, deciding which are applicable to each individual project's needs can be confusing at best. Let MCR provide turnkey processing services for the most difficult of HUD rent increase requests.

Project Based Voucher Processing
Often, FHA-Insured projects have project-based rental assistance in place for only a portion of their residents in need. In many cases, it is possible to gain addition subsidy units through use of HUD's Project-Based Voucher (PBV) program. MCR has successfully compiled and submitted PBV applications to local housing authorities and HUD to full approval for numerous extended affordability transactions throughout New England.